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Find the right robot for your industry

Automate the process and boost productivity with our Industrial Robots

The on-demand robots of Enigmaty will help you to resolve your needs with priority. Enigmaty offers a wide range of robots that can carry or move goods of 10 kg to 1500 kg.

Industrial Needs

Transport your goods autonomously

One-stop solution for material handling in a manufacturing plant or in a warehouse. We configure our robots as per the material to be transported. Our ETS series of industrial robots have a payload capacity of between 10 kg and 1500 kg.

Hospitality Needs

Robots will serve food at your restaurant

Have an innovation and a technological environment at your restaurant. We kind of robots for your restaurant, choose one which suits your restaurant/café decorum. Our EVO robot series will assist you in selecting one.

Let's start delivering

We have various series of robots having different payload capacity and area of use.

ENigmaty ROBOT

Industrial Use



Warehouse use


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Hospitality use


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Enigmaty Specification

Our industrial robots will work 24 * 7 for you and are always available to confront your material handling needs. These robots have a fantastic built-in chipset to work speedily and have great stability. Enigmaty robots are too intelligent to make a wise decision to prevent accidents.

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Era of Industry 4.0

By implementing industry 4.0 equipment, Enigmaty robots have made a commitment to transform an industry sector. This era of data analysis, artificial intelligence, and robotics would help to transform this era. Industry 4.0 can help the manufacturing industry make processes faster, more effective, and smarter, resulting in improved productivity, production, monitoring, controlling, quality assurance, quality control, warning signals and analysis, and much more.